Custom Artwork Is From The Heart ❤️


“I’m sure everyone thinks their dog is the best but Maggie was different/ a life changer. I can’t believe I can see that in the eyes of your work. I’ve been in the Sistine chapel and not felt as moved. Thank you again.”-Daniel Wicks

“Your extraordinary talent is amazing. The portraits of my two beloved Rat Terriers who recently passed makes me feel like I have them back every time I look at them. It is uncanny how you can capture the essence of an animal. Thank you so very much. Your brilliance has brought my boys back to me in spirit. I will treasure those portraits forever. My family just can't say enough about you. They are all grateful for what you've given me in emotional support.”-Jannine Petska 


The Artist


Jamie Leigh Clark is a self-taught portrait illustrator From Los Angeles. Since a child she has been creating a vast database of drawings & paintings ranging from surrealism to realism. Over the past decade Jamie has been waiting tables to make a living, while studying American Sign Language (ASL). Currently Jamie invests her time producing custom portraits of animal companions of those in her community.

The Purpose


Animals are our guides. They deliver to us a sense of companionship that is incomparable to any other bond. Keeping images of our pets is one thing, but having an artist capture the true spirit and wonder of these creatures is something quite unique. I had found my calling as an illustrator early on in my career, and my commitment to creating portraits for my clients is a part of my life's purpose. 

I've discovered that I can create art infused with love for each and every animal I draw. This is what I live for  -the ability to touch the hearts of every person that commissions me. It is a sacred bond that I make with the people I encounter.

The Deal


A custom piece of art is a great gift! Prices range with size of portrait and type of portrait. My minimum is $100 plus shipping. You can also choose to seal the portrait in epoxy resin, which gives it great depth, gloss, and added protection! (Additional $25.) Drawing on wood is my signature, but I am not opposed to drawing on other surfaces. I ask for great quality photos to go from (at least five images), so I can truly get as accurate as possible. I always welcome different ideas, projects, and collage work. Please email me or contact me on my mobile to set up your order!

Contact Me

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Love Infused Art

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At all times! I am quick to reply, especially via text

Showing progress is captivating and raw.

Here are a few photos of my progress with my pieces. I have come a long way from day one. Every day that I draw, I discover a new way to get better and become a stronger artist!